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My Brother Marvin

My Brother, Marvin Book

From the back seat of the limousine trailing the hearse carrying her beloved brother’s body, Zeola ("Zee") Gaye looks retrospectively at the sometimes humorous, sometimes shameful, but ultimately, fateful events in her and Marvin’s life that lead to this day. It is a day that she never dreamed would be; when she would have to face the tragic and untimely death of her superstar brother, Marvin Gaye.

In a world full of strife and an earth being destroyed by man himself, Marvin feels his role is to express his dissatisfaction with apathy and politicians who seem only to care about themselves. Whether he is feeling sexy or sad, going through divorce or finding a new love, Marvin expresses his heart through his music, touching all who hear. Marvin is all about love for God, mankind, nature, and healing, yet his own life is so often filled with pain and the escape that drugs provide.

Looking back, there are obvious signs that Marvin is on a downhill path to his demise. Zeola feels blessed to have known Marvin better than anybody else in his life, but through her own drug-hazed world she simply cannot stop his self-destruction in time. Their lives intertwine for many years and Zeola witnesses first-hand Marvin’s world of creativity, travel, fans, drugs, battles, and betrayal. In the end, he only wants to be with God.

27 years after his death, we hear directly from Marvin's sister about her brother's brilliant, yet turbulent life and why he left us so soon.

Book includes Foreword by Grammy Award Winner, Carlos Santana. 

~Angie Gaye, Editor-2011

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