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Regarding the Robin Thicke/Pharrell Court Verdict/Award



March 30, 2015


I believe that the jury got the verdict right and I am happy for Marvin's children. Contrary to what has been written, I am not angry, bitter or upset that there is no money coming to my sister and me from this award. I never expected anything from it. There is no feud about money in regards to Marvin's kids or his ex-wife. We have had ongoing disagreements about a few other issues, but not about this. And just to clarify, my sister and I are not destitute or living in poverty. We live comfortably within our means, and will continue to do so. I will reach out to those who can help me set the record straight on inaccuracies that have been reported recently, so stay tuned. Sending much love and may God bless.


-Zeola Gaye


Press: March 2015



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January-May 2013:

My Brother Marvin, The Man Behind the Music, the sequel to the smash hit My Brother Marvin, which played in 2007-2008 to sold-out audiences all across the country is back in a new format. We had a blast bringing our story to you in 2007. My current play opened February 12, 2013 in Detroit. As mentioned on my intro page, though the play does not feature Marvin's music, it is a truly amazing and powerful drama about my brother's life. Angela Barrow-Dunlap is my playwright and she has delivered her finest work. Please join us as we continue to bring my story to sold out audiences all around the country!


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Lynn Whitfield on My Brother Marvin in Baltimore 2/27/13


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Press: February 2013





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Apr 29, 2012. The Washington Times Interview.

Apr 2012. Washington, DC book signing at Channel Inn.

Feb 18, 2012. Listen to Interview on the Steve Edwards Soul Show, Las Vegas

Feb 11, 2012. Book signing at The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas

Feb 10, 2012. Interview with Connie Breeze of 105.7 The Oasis, Las Vegas

Feb 7, 2012. Book signing at Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas

Feb 6, 2012. Interview with Fox 5 TV, KVVU, Las Vegas

Feb 6, 2012. Interview with Chris Brown at Power 88 (KCEP FM 88.1 Las Vegas)

Jan 28, 2012. Diva's Day Out Book Signing at Southpoint Casino, Las Vegas

Jan 24, 2012. Interview with Connie Breeze of 105.7 The Oasis, Las Vegas

Dec 13, 2011. Book Reading and Signing at Eso Won Bookstore, Los Angeles

Nov 2, 2011. Interview with Michael Baisden

Oct 14, 2011. Interview with The Quiet Storm.

September 23, 2011. Listen to Zeola Gaye Live in an interview with April Johnson on WPB Radio

Reviews of My Brother Marvin Play, 2007-2008

My Brother Marvin Play Cast Interviews 2007-2008

Jet Magazine 2007


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