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Here is what people are saying about My Brother, Marvin, A Memoir by Zeola Gaye:

-Your book was great! I'm going to get one for a friend and I'm about to read it again!
Maggie, Pittsburgh

-Once I got into your book, I couldn't put it down! I had to go the bathroom and I wasn't sure whether to take the book with me or wait till I finished reading!
Bev, Los Angeles

-I haven't read more than 50 pages since I was in high school, but I finally had to stop to go to sleep since I had to work. My husband has the book at work with him, but I will be finishing it today!
Carolyn, Fredericksburg

-I laughed and cried when I read your book and I learned so much about you and Marvin. Thank you.
Nanette, Las Vegas

-I wish Oprah's show was still on! Thank you for candidly sharing your life with us.
Tina, Los Angeles

I found your book so candid and so good! Everybody in my church wants a copy!
-Kevin, Las Vegas

-Anybody who reads this will reconsider doing drugs, and women will reconsider keeping their kids away from their fathers.
-Marque, Atlanta

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